Sense 5(.5) Toolbox
by Mikanoshi & me

What is Sense 5 Toolbox?
Sense 5 Toolbox module contains a large variety of mods that will improve almost every aspect of your Sense device. You have to have Xposed installed to use these mods (except EQS reorder for older devices). For more info about Xposed refer to the original thread.

A note about compatibility. We develop the toolbox on ARHD on the HTC One. That ensures that every mod is compatible with ARHD. We can't test the mods on every other ROM. But as long as the ROM is near stock without deep changes, it should work there too. For the best and most complete experience I recommend using ARHD.
Which mods are included?

Interface mods
  • Transparent statusbar and notification drawer
  • Center clock, AM/PM removal, traffic meter, horizontal EQS
  • Gestures to manipulate recent apps and additional information about each app, AOSP styled recents

Statusbar mods
  • Icons by vomer (CleanBeam) and HD2Owner
  • Customizable color themes for all new statusbar icons
  • Ability to hide any icon

Sense mods
  • Transparency for many UI elements (dock, clock widget, app drawer, folders, etc)
  • Infinite apps in folders, 7 home screens, home popup menu, more grid options for homescreens and app drawer
  • Actions for vertical swipes and shaking on homescreens, horizontal swipes on dock

Messaging mods
  • Wake on SMS, increase MMS size
  • Replace delivery notifications with toasts
  • Increase MMS size

Controls mods
  • Volume2wake
  • Activate flashlight on power long press
  • Bind actions to hardware buttons (Back long press and swipe up from Home)
  • Bind actions to volume keys for camera and music playback controls

Various mods
  • Advanced Power Menu
  • Show more information about installed apps and apps that are being installed
  • Improved screen locking and unlocking
  • Hardware buttons backlight control
  • Large caller photo in dialer and on lockscreen during calls
  • Disable unwanted notifications and confirmation dialogs
  • On/off screen animations (Fade, CRT)
How to use the Toolbox?
First you must have Xposed Framework installed (more Info here). After that enable the Sense 5 Toolbox module in the Xposed Installer, set up the mods you like and tap 'Soft Reboot' icon to apply them.
You can also reorder EQS tiles using drag'n'drop on Sense versions prior to 5.5. Select EQS reorder option in Toolbox, tap a tile to remove it, use a '+' icon at the top to add new tile. Tap save icon when you're done.
Backup functionality
Toolbox supports settings backup and restore using default Andriod cloud capabilities. Enable backup in Settings > Backup & reset. Now every time you uninstall and install Toolbox its settings will be automatically restored. If you want to save/restore settings between reinstallations, use local backup on SDCard function (its button is next to Hot Reboot).
EQS Backup function
Due to the nature of ROM flashes you will loose your custom order on every flash. A backup will be made at every save of the order to overcome that. Start the app and tap the clock icon at the top to restore your order after a ROM flash, then save and soft reboot. Backup is saved to your internal storage. Note that it will be removed if you uninstall Toolbox, or do a factory reset. You can probably save it with the usual backup tools or save the Android/data/ folder on your SDCard.
  • [HTC One] Fix for Dynamic Buttons Backlight mod
  • Fix for Fast Unlock mod under Sense 5.0

  • [HTC One] Mod to configure brightness of hardware buttons backlight
  • [HTC One] Mod that turns off buttons backlight dynamically in fullscreen apps
  • Mod that blocks hard reset toast and power menu when device is locked
  • Option to hide statusbar icons
  • New item in recent apps popup menu - open Play Store page for selected app
  • New actions for back long press and assist: Open menu and Open recent apps
  • Fix for JB styled toasts
  • Added Google Cloud Backup. Saves your Toolbox settings automatically and restores them after you reinstalled the Toolbox.
  • Manual settings backup & restore (backup path is /sdcard/SenseToolbox/)
  • Added French translation by @Hsuan24

Older changelogs:

  • Fixed CPU temperature display issue.
  • Fixed "Swipe up from home button" action.
  • Removing statusbar clock doesn't affect clock in notification drawer anymore.
  • Fixed statusbar turning white after unlock if an app is running.
  • Updated and new battery Icons by HD2Owner: Sense 5 with percentage and white style with and without percentage. Shoutout to HD2Owner for providing these.

  • Large photo and 2-line caller name in dialer and lockscreen
  • Ability to lock all elements on home screens and in app drawer from home popup menu
  • Transparent dock was fixed for Sense 5.0 on Android 4.3
  • Mod to show next alarm time instead of carrier name in notification drawer
  • Mod to disable missed call notification if you rejected incoming call manually
  • Actions for tap on notification drawer header:
    - Open Clock app
    - Show/hide CPU usage, frequency and free RAM. Open Clock by tapping on current time label
  • Shake actions: Shake your phone on Sense launcher to execute one of the actions you can also do with swipes.
  • More efficient traffic meter code
  • Fixed volume button media control killing volume control.
  • Removed Global Immersive Mode mod, because a better implementation exists in App Settings Xposed module.
  • Added translations: Croatian, Dutch, Italian, Spanish. Thanks for your help. Credits are on the "About" page.

  • Fixed localization
  • Fixed FC

  • Fixed transparant dock for 4.2.2 devices.
  • Fixed missing icon theming.
  • Volume media control mod. Control music players by long pressing volume buttons while screen is off.
  • Disable safe volume warning mod.
  • Fixed flashlight on power key timeout, now it's 10 minutes while on battery and infinite while on charger.
  • Launch Clock app by tapping on notification drawer header.
  • Swap volume keys in counterclockwise landscape.
  • [Android 4.4] Jelly Bean styled toasts. Bring back JB toast design on android 4.4 Kit Kat.
  • [Android 4.4] Global immersive mode. Activate immersive mode for all apps (fullscreen with statusbar that can be pulled down)

  • Fully customizable color themes for CleanBeam icons.
  • Added a section listing always active mods
  • More compact and responsive traffic meter.
  • "Close others" option in recent apps long press menu. Terminates all recent apps except the one you choose, then brings that app back to screen.
  • Additional filter option for the Apps list, allows to display disabled apps only.
  • Dock transparency is dynamic now, it will be lowered to match app drawer transparency when app drawer is opened.
  • [Sense 5.5] App drawer transparency was made equal to BlinkFeed transparency, you may want to change its value after update.
  • [Sense 5.5] Transitions between home screens and app drawer were modified to be very smooth, without any flashes or artifacts.
  • Added mod that implements quick flashlight activation by long pressing power button when screen is off.
  • YouTube channel watermark can now be removed.
  • [KitKat] Fix the "Xposed not installed" warning
  • [KitKat] Fix transparent statusbar on Sense launcher
  • Added KitKat style battery icons with and without percentage. Thanks to @skeleton1911 for the icons!
  • Some code optimizations

  • Fix for Bypass lockscreen option, doesn't dismiss lockscreen on incoming call and alarm ringer.
  • Added warning that 7 homescreen mod will not work on HTC One on Android 4.2.2. (Dual SIM One still has 4.2.2)

  • Re-added 4x1 widget transparanecy for Sense 5.5
  • "Bypass lock screen on wake" setting works also without screen lock.
  • Sense launcher home screens grid 4x5. All widgets became resizable.
  • Horizontal EQS are now long-clickable! Brings you to the respective settings. Works with APN, Autosync, Bluetooth, Brightness, DND, GPS, Mobile Data, Powersaver, Screenshot, WiFi, WiFi Hotspot.
  • Screen on and off animations. Screen on: Fade. Screen off: Fade or CRT.
  • Fast unlock for HTC lockscreen. No need to hit "Enter" key. Device will unlock as soon as correct PIN is entered.
  • Display memory usage in recent apps list.
  • Long press menu for apps in recent apps list. (Enabled by default)
  • Display package version in title when installing or updating app. (Enabled by default)
  • New options for volume bottons in camera: Zoom in and out.
  • Option to remove icon labels on Sense launcher homescreens.
  • New CleanBeam icons by @vomer: Roaming (part of signal icons), TV remote, in call, speakerphone, and a new set of WiFi icons. Please re-set your desired WiFi icon style!

  • Added mod to display current data rate (upload+download) on the status bar. Will only be shown, when the device is connected to a network.
  • Added mod to enable seven home screens on Sense launcher. NOTE: On Sense 5.5 BlinkFeed is counted as a page!
  • Added CleanBeam Do not disturb and MTP icons.
  • Pressing menu key with open home popup menu will now close it.
  • Horizontal EQS can now be used with disabled EQS panel.
  • Sense 5.5 changes:
    • Brought back Hardware info in Settings -> About.
    • Removed EQS reorder and BlinkFeed disabling. They are native now.
    • Horizontal EQS will use the native order.
    • Fixed the mods that were broken.
    • Removed 4x1 widget transparency as it has some implications on transparency of other widgets too. May come back in the future.
    • Removed infinite home screen scrolling. With BF enabled it's useless due to the new menu, and with BF disabled, it is prone to errors due to BF handling.
    • NOTE: App drawer transparency will set BlinkFeed transparency too. They are tied together in Sense 5.5!
  • Kill app on long press back/home assist now kills the complete package including services.
  • Kill app will give you feedback in form of a vibration, so you know that you actually killed the app and not just pressed back. Respects power saver settings for vibration.
  • Killing launchers isn't possible anymore. That removes the corresponding dialog too.
  • Transparency settings can now be enabled and disabled by a new checkbox in the settings dialog. Please re-set your transparency settings.
  • Soft reboot icon changed again. It now asks for confirmation. I hope this will now clear up any confusion.
  • Small UI tweaks
  • Fixed Vol2Wake in deep sleep for some devices/kernels. Thanks to @luxandroid.
  • Swipe sensitivity is now based on screen size. Makes swipes easier for low-res devices like the One S.
  • Added MMS size mod. Sizes are 300k, 600k, 1000k. Network restrictions still apply
  • Added CleanBeam 4G, USB, Powersave, NFC and screenshot icon. Also Airplane mode icon as part of the data icons.
  • Added Sense launcher home screen popup menu. Acces via Menu, longpress Home or swipe up from launcher dock. Has some useful functions like access to settings, apps manager and APM.
  • Added mod to force enable "Support SMS special accent characters". Helpful for some specific regions to show actual character count. Code donated by @rumil86 . Thx for that!
  • Added polish tranlsation by @cvxcvx (Before you ask, I still have no idea how to handle translations in a way that doesn't consume all my time...)

  • Fix for Vol2Wake. After installation go into the settings, disable Vol2Wake, wait a sec, enable it again, full reboot to apply. You don't need to do it if you don't have problems. Thanks to @baha76_s for pointing me to the fix!
  • Fix for home assist action on lockscreen.
  • Fix for misaligned text under CleanBeam settings.
  • Fixed missing translation.
  • Added back button and/or home assist to kill option.
  • App launch on long press back and home assist will now dismiss lockscreen. Only lockscreen, NOT your PIN or pattern lock. I repeat: Toolbox does NOT circumvent your lock

  • Swipes are now a bit more sensitive.
  • Fixed the flashing "more notifications" icon in most places. It still may happen when you come from camera app. Just wait until it updates...
  • Fixed Xposed installation warning message count.
  • APM is now in true sense style! Credits for the icons go to @Dunc001 and @lesscro. Thanks for letting us use your icons!
  • Added options for long press back.
  • Added horizontal swipes on Sense launcher dock.
  • Added custom app launch for swipe up/down gestures and long press back.
  • Added settings toggles for the gestures and long press back.
  • Added mod to make messaging app use toast instead of notifications for delivery reports.
  • Added mod to override "Swipe up from home button for Google Now". It can do the same like the other gesture mods.
  • Added mod to hide the MTP notification by making MTP a background service instead of a foreground service.
  • Added Vol2Wake. Works in deep sleep. Needs root and a full reboot to be applied!
  • Added brightness slider for notifications panel
  • Added CleanBeam GPS, BT and data icons. Data icons are the default G, E, 3G, H, H+, and LTE icons only for now. More will be added later.
  • Added mod to show additional information for each app under Settings > Apps. Includes button to launch an app, apk filename and path, data path, process name, user id, target SDK version.
  • Various UI improvements.

  • Total UI overhaul.
  • The Toolbox is now accessible through the phone settings.
  • Landscape orientation is now possible.
  • Added "About" screen.
  • Wallpaper is not removed when in appdrawer and dock is transparent, prevents dock black background.
  • Center clock is now really in the center.
  • Notification icons will now only go up until they reach the center clock. This is instant for notification icons a may be a bit delayed for the right hand icons.
  • Added option to remove status bar clock.
  • Added option to hide AM and PM.
  • You need to re-set your desired clock style, cause of the added options!
  • Added check if xposed is actually installed. Maybe this will reduce the amount of questions a bit
  • Added mod that allows to assign different options to swipe up/down gestures on Sense launcher home screens. Currently included: Pull down notifications, EQS, lock device and go to sleep.
  • Added option to lower the font size in app drawer. Useful if you use higher grid values. (Enabled by default)
  • Horizontal EQS are now showing all the EQS tiles. You can scroll them. It shows 5 at once.
  • Added option to remove text from horizontal EQS.
  • Updated CleanBeam icons.
  • Changed soft reboot icon.

  • New icon! Thx @vomer!
  • You can now navigate back out of the sub-screens with the top left icon.
  • Added Pinch and/or swipe down to close all recent apps in Sense recent apps screen.
  • Added center clock mod.
  • Added infinite home screen scrolling in Sense launcher. Thanks @Onepagebook for the smali hack that pointed me to the correct method.
  • Added Remove clock/weather widget from app drawer.
  • Added New grid sizes in app drawer - This is active automatically! Set up the desired size in App drawer. 4x6 and 5x6 makes everything a bit packed, so long App titles will get cut a tiny bit on the 2nd line.
  • Added Disable EQS and restore settings button
  • Added Folders transparency setting. This includes open folders and their icons. Sometimes needs a FULL reboot to work.
  • Added CleanBeam sound profile icons and exchanged headphone icons. Thanks to @vomer.
  • Added Russian and German translations.

  • Fixed SunBeam installation error.
  • Changed status bar graphic to be not dissorted anymore.

  • Changed layout of the mods settings page. It got a bit cluttered with the number of mods there
  • Changed theme wo have a dark action bar. Looks more Sense-ish
  • Fixed a bug in EQS Reorder where a removed tile couldn't be added back immediately afterwards.
  • Fix for 100% transparency settings on status bar and dock.
  • Added transparency setting for app drawer. Huge thanks to @Mikanoshi , who shared his code with me.
  • Added option to remove BlinkFeed. Note that this will only work on Android 4.3 builds!
  • Added CleanBean mods by @vomer . Each mod can be selected individually. You may need to re-set your battery icon. Make sure to head to his post and hit "Thanks" there:
    Thanks again for letting me implement these awesome mods into the Toolbox!

Just a fix for transparent status bar. This will now allow true 0-100% transparency setting for Sense launcher! This is for everyone who wants opaque status bar

  • Fixed cause for possible FC on start.
  • Changed status bar trasparency approch. This should make it work for thos who had problems before.
  • Added transparency setting for notification drawer background.
  • Added option to disable forced SMS to MMS conversion. Network restrictions still apply!
  • Added AOSP style recent apps menu.

  • Unified app for One, One X and One X+ - Now called Sense 5 Toolbox!
  • Added transparency for the stock HTC clock + weather widget
    Sorry, but this is the last transparency mod I'm going to add.
    Other mods like blinkfeed or app drawer background seem to use a Prism.apk from another device.
    Replicating that in xposed would be a huge overhead IMHO.
    Maybe some other dev can point me in the right direction...
  • Added 'Wake on SMS' mod.
  • Added possibility to remove folder limit (Was 16 apps per folder)
  • Added option to disable the sound that plays on volume change by buttons
  • Added One X 4.2.2 compatibility.
  • Fixed transparency settings for a 0 value.
  • Added horizontal EQS. The First 5 of your normal EQS will be used there.
  • Added options to set custom transparency values for: Status bar, Prism dock background. Please note, that this will revert if you change launchers. Reboot to apply again. Happened to me when I switchen from Nova to Prism and back.
  • Fixed transparent Statusbar in combination with battery icon.
  • Complete change of the Xposed module hook structure for easier addition of new mods. Also lower overhead.
  • Updated support post link.
  • Added more info about APM.
  • Add version string to the bottom title and support entry.
  • Disable EQS feautre if root is not available. Xposed Mods still work.
  • Delete tmp.xml directly after use. No need to keep it.
  • Removed some unneded logging stuff.
  • Added "Force focus, then shutter" option to the camera mod.
  • Added transparent status bar.
  • Added 'Keep screen on' option in display and dev settings.
  • Added transparent Sense launcher dock. This has a delay, which can't be fixed for now, sorry. It's the same on a native mod.

initial release - included in ARHD 12.3

  • mike1986. - for ARHD and giving me this platform to release my app
  • descenpet - He brought up the initial idea for the reorder edits again after I dismissed it
  • vomer - For CleanBeam mods
  • Mikanoshi - For all the work he has put into the Toolbox!
  • The RU and AU team (and some other early beta testers) - for testing and giving valuable feedback
  • ARHD users - For their patience, I know I took a while to finish it ;D
If I forgot you I am really sorry, but my brain is full of To Dos for the next release...
Support, Feedback, Issues, Suggestions
If you have any problem, want to give feedback or suggest new features, you can do it here. It would be nice if you @mention me, cause this will notify me about your post

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