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Bare WM 6.5 23047 Cooked ROM with unnecessary items removed ~ Witschey.
Bare WM 6.5 23047 Cooked ROM with unnecessary items removed ~ Witschey.

UPDATED on Sep 10, 2009 - 6:20pm US Central Time

Please read the overall description on post #1.

The result is a ROM that uses about 32 MB of RAM while the Kaiser is idle (and before you install your own applications). That means that you will have close to 70MB of free RAM with this cooked ROM. The size of the cooked ROM flash image (the NBH file) is: 51 MB, leaving 154 MB of storage space available on the Kaiser.

** General overview of what was removed:

- All of the non-essential OEM and EXT applications which normally ship with "Os Kitchen". I left only the OEM and EXT items which I found to be necessary for the normal operation of the ROM on the Kaiser. If through your own testing you find that one or more are unnecessary please let me know (as I would want to get rid of it as well!)

- Ringtones and other sound files which are not necessary for the normal operation of the ROM (if you miss one or more of those files you can easily put them in an SD card and access them from there)

- All files (CPR, Images, etc.) that relate to a resolution that is not supported by the Kaiser.

- The 'Calculator' application because there is plenty of great calculators for WM PPC out there, and I don't like to have software duplication.

- All "Windows Live" related stuff, because I don't use it.

- Microsoft Tag software because I don't use it, and you can install that on your own if you need/want it.

- All 'games' that come with WM 6.5 because I don't use them, and there is much better games in the marketplace.

- IPSEC related files because I don't use that type of 'virtual tunnel'.

- LiveSearch because I prefer Google.

- Unnecessary Mobile Office templates

- Remote Desktop (because I don't use that software. I prefer RDM+, which I install separately...not in the ROM)

- Task Manager (because I prefer to install Advanced Task Manager...separately, not in the ROM)

- Skybox (because I don't use Microsoft 'My Phone' and related services.)

- Skymarket (because I don't need a software store on my phone)

- All Themes except for 'Classic Blue' (because I prefer to install my own themes...separately, not in the ROM)

- VOIP (because no VOIP application comes with WM 6.5, and VOIP applications like Skype work without these files. So they seem to be a waste of space. If anybody disagrees and can explain the purpose of those files please let me know.)

- Welcome Center (Because I am experienced enough with WM 6.5 that I don't need somebody to guide me)

- All Windows Mobile Widgets (because I prefer to install my own ....separately not in the ROM).

- Zip viewer (because I prefer to install my own compression/decompression software)

- Microsoft Auto Data Configuration (before I don't need MS to configure my data. I do that manually).

- Lock Screen Media player icons and images (because that feature of WM 6.5 has not been enabled by Microsoft yet)

- Time Bomb removed. You can enjoy this ROM for as long as you like.

In addition to the file removals that I describe above, I made a few changes:

- I changed the boot screen back to the original HTC screen that says "smart mobility"
- I changed the animation screen back to the original HTC screen that has an animated HTC logo
- I changed the boot up sound to one that uses aprox 100K
- I changed the Windows start up screen to that of Windows Mobile 7
- I added software to fix the animation start up sound (which didn't work in the original build)
- I added software to fix the animation boot up screen (which was mixed with some other stuff that I removed)
- I added a registry entry that changes the default skin on Windows Media Player to Diamond Portrait.
- I added code to install 'Random Access' in the Contacts Screen. (allows quick access to people by clicking letter on the right margin)
- I added code to change the Start menu to a single column vertical list. I consider that MUCH more useful than the hexagon grid.
- I added a registry entry to remove the 'tap time' that is required when selecting items in WM 6.5 folders.
- I added a registry entry to allow two way phone conversations to be recorded with any 3rd party software.
- I added a registry entry to display 'Recording' in the phone menu (shows up in the menu only during a call)
- I fixed the lock screen background wallpaper alignment.
- I changed the lock screen layout so that the lock slider is at the bottom and the time/appointment at the top.
- I changed the background image of the soft bar so that it has same looks as in previous WM 6.5 versions (I don't like the gradient - greyish bar)
- SQM, which was replaced by a dummy SQM (to prevent the annoying dialog asking you to send information to Microsoft) - Done by TCP.
- The folders browsing, browsingcore, and browsingie have been recmodded - Done by TCP.

- In addition the "Chocolate" flavor has these changes:

- Replaced the battery indicator for one that shows the percentage remaining (in increments of 10&#37, and changes color (White/Orange/Red) depending on the amount of battery remaining.
- Replaced regular Comm Manager with a 6 item Comm Manager to replace the 3 item one that comes standard with WM 6.5

Screen shots of the "Chocolate" flavor are here:

- This version of my ROM will have NO vanilla flavor because there is not enough demand for it. Most people download the Chocolate version which is also the one I use.

NOTE: For those who do not like the Chocolate flavor, I am making available the source files so that you can make any necessary changes to suit your taste. All my changes are in the EXT folder and are clearly labeled with "-PW" after the folder name. So you can choose to keep them or remove them based on your personal needs.

And here is an Spb Benchmark test on a fresh copy of this ROM. I don't know if this type of tests are trustworthy, and I have no benchmark to compare it with. All I can say is that the OS feels very fast and responsive. Don't base yourself on the benchmark. Try it and see if it works for you. It does for me.

Here are the files:

a) You can download the "Chocolate" flavored cooked ROM (which is ready to be flashed directly to your device) from here:

b) You can download the OEM, SYS, EXT, MSXIPKERNEL, and Bootup and Windows & "Bootup Start up Screens" folders (which have been purged of unnecessary items), and replace the respective folders that are in the "sources" directory of osKitchen from here:

c) You can download the "Chocolate" flavor osKitchen configuration file (which you MUST use in combination with the OEM, SYS, EXT folders shown in item "c" to cook your ROM in osKitchen) here:

d) You can download the 'removed' OEM, SYS, and EXT folders (which you can use to verify what I removed....or to move back something that I removed but that you want) here:
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