Update: NEW Script now works with all versions. For details, see:

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Yeah, I woke up to at least 10 email notifications of your tries.
Thanks for the pull request. I'm considering a partial merge for only the copy to /data/xposed/app_process because it's a small change and doesn't hurt. Not sure if the reactivator.zip really needs to be part of the installer, it could be downloaded seperately if someone wants to use this (and in contrast to using the disabler.zip, your device is still working when you need it). Maybe if enough people have tested it, it can be reconsidered (but it also adds 123 kB to the installer).
Sorry about 10 emails. First I thought that just copy app_process to /data/xposed and sent pull request.

Then I thought of adding code for reactivator as well so I closed previous pull requests and added new ones!

Real script is just 1 KB! Size of 123KB is due to update-binary (which also exists in disabler.zip)!

I have another proposal.

Create a toggle flash!! (which replaces Xposed-Disabler.zip and hence apk file size will not increase)

If app_process.orig exists then it copies /system/bin/app_process.orig to /system/bin/app_process

If app_process.orig does not exist then:
1) It copies /system/bin/app_process to /system/bin/app_process.orig
2) Copies /data/xposed/app_process to /system/bin/app_process

This way it will act as a toggle!

Flash it once and it deactivates Xposed. (Act as Xposed_Disabler.zip)

Flash it again and it activates Xposed! (Act as Xposed_reactivator.zip - my previous proposal)

I have attached proposed flash zip. Please use it if you agree.