Thought i would release this since i made it for a friend of mine and some other people might enjoy it, here's a tablet ui for the latest build of CM10.1, NOT 10.2, and furthermore i will mention now:
DISCLAIMER: I am not responsible for any damage that may occur to your device or if your cat explodes. xD (neither is anyone else)

Anyways here's some quick instructions:
1. Goto the cm10.1 thread to get and flash the latest cm10.1
2. flash the latest gapps for cm10.1
3. Flash the file i attatched below

On another note if you are already running the latest cm10.1, just flash the file i attached, followed by a cache and dalvik cache wipe to be on the safe side and it should also work. If you are on the last release of the cm10.1 tablet ui by jester, i personally would do a wipe of the cache, dalvik cache and system partition before flashing the stock cm, but that's just me, i don't like to chance leaving any files behind from the previous OS's system files.

I don't think you should flash the google dpi fix but am unsure, the files are slightly old in the google dpi fix, like 1 build older than the current gapps, so i don't know if it will cause problems or not so flashing that is up to you. Anyways please tell me if it works. It flashes fine on my own device, so it should also flash fine on everyone else's.
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My Wallpaper Fix for KF2, KFHD 7", and KFHD 8.9" is HERE
Please Read the instructions and use the debugger if you run into errors.
My own modified adb drivers for just about all kindles (includes old twrp and cm versions) HERE
Tablet UI Patch for latest CM10.1 build HERE!

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