Talking Interop-unlock achieved

DID IT!!!!!

I've interop-unlocked my ATIV S.

The process is a little hokey, and relies on having the Samsung disagnosis app; we'll either need to find a way to get that onto other phones, or find a similar vuln in them.

It's possible, though, and I've done it. Stock TELUS Mobility ROM, standard AppHub dev unlock (should work with the free unlock).

I can install apps with both ID_CAP_INTEROPSERVICES, and with non-public capabilities (internal or private), and they run.

This is a beautiful, beautiful day. It's 5AM and pouring rain outside and I need to be at work in four hours, but I could hardly be happier!

Real thread forthcoming. For the moment, I need to dance around a little and see what else I can do with it.

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Win8/Windows RT projects:
List of desktop apps for hacked RT devices

WP8 projects:
Native Access WebServer and Libraries
WP8 Interop Unlocks
Storage Cleanup tool

WP7 projects:
XapHandler, Root Webserver, OEM Marketplace XAPs, Bookmarklets collection (Find On Page), Interop-unlock hacks.

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