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Hey Franco, apparently CM has some kernel fixes for the JSS deadlocks... might be worth a look on their github?!

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Sure, I'll take a looksie!

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just notice this for the N10 version of the kernel : http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...o#post45365325

any chance of the N4 version of the kernel getting this? some guy on another from claims that he got his usb DAC working without USB Audio Recorder PRO.
Don't count on that - thats a specific N10 patch only.

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I'm on stock 4.3, r182 OnDemand, default settings, no UV as well. It's not CM nightlies. Definitely something with franco. I've had random reboots happen for seemingly no reason ever since r182. This time, it just rebooted again after I sent a text message to a friend, so I'll pull the last_kmsg now and try to get it on here. Hopefully it can help franco squash whatever is causing this. Oddly though sometimes I'm getting I think (probably using the terminology wrong) the UI just crashing (I'll just be browsing or reading something on an app and the Nexus bootanimation appears, but not the Google one), and other times, like now, it's a full on reboot with the Google logo and the boot animation Nexus logo.

I am also using Chrome Beta...I will try switching to Chrome stable and see if issues resolve.
I concur there is something up with r182, I got a few problems the last 2 or 3 days that were not present while I tested r182. Thats going to be my focus for the rest of the night.

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