NooB Stickys

Locked BL:
Root/Boot unlock ability with various builds
SafeStrap v3.1.2 Guide & Rom use example
NEW Root Method
Roms for Locked BL

Unlocked BL:

Phone-Up custom recovery backup app:

Philz Recovery-msm8960 unified
Rom Manager & Photon Q recovery easy recovery
Daily Driver & SD swap

Both: Stock Rom & SD swap
House of Moto, Stock restore
My Stock Restore
Not keeping 4G?
Fast DL of the Latest xml/fzx for RSD
/persist BU WorkAround
Various restore files from 98.18.94 or 98.30.1
Daily Driver: Telstra JB & 78p Radio-Great WiFi

Misc unsorted
Fastboot fix
Have "QHSUSB_DLOAD"? Then you have real brick. There is no solution for the msm8960's:

sys app delete list
I am Maxx'ed, X + 1/2
Moto X, Ultra, Razr M & msm8960 STUFF
My xt907 Noob & Goodies links

My Moto X / Ultra links

Using TapaTalk or Xda app: You Blind!, Get a Real Browser!

Android File Transfer SUCKS! Is there a no root solution for Osx? I am resorting to Parallels DeskTop-W7.