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This script is based off of devsk's switchrom.sh found here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=541183. If you are unfamiliar with switchrom, you should probably read that thread first.


1) cyanogen's 1.4 recovery image, Amon_Ra's recovery image, or any other that is based off of the 1.4 recovery image.
2) an extended partition isn't required but makes it easier.


rename bart-*.txt to bart.sh
copy bart.sh to /system/sd/
for example:
mv /sdcard/download/bart-0.9.8.txt /system/sd/bart.sh
note: if using Amon_Ra's 1.2.3 recovery, bart-0.9.2 is already included. Either type 'utility' into the console or invoke bart without sh, file extension, or path. For example: "bart -s myrom" instead of "sh /system/sd/bart.sh -s myrom".

Optional: Create config file named bart.config and place in /system/sd/


ability to store/restore ROMs based on name
store/restore all made default (nandroid and entire ext partition)
ability to customize the store/restore process

The main difference between the different restores is what data is deleted before the restoration process, not what is restored. The ext backup is kept in a single tar/tar.gz file and is extracted after deleting whatever the user chose to delete.

-r: deletes entire ext partition (rm -rf *)
-b -r: deletes apps folders and dalvik cache (rm -rf app* dalv*)
-a -r: deletes apps_s and dalvik cache (rm -rf app_* dalv*)
-n -r: deletes nothing from /system/sd

This version stores backups in /sdcard/bart. If you want your old switchrom backups available to you, just copy or move them there.

mkdir /sdcard/bart
mv /sdcard/switchROM/* /sdcard/bart/
sh /system/sd/bart.sh [--noninteractive] [options] -s|--store [rom_name]
sh /system/sd/bart.sh [--noninteractive] [options] -r|--restore [rom_name]
sh /system/sd/bart.sh [--noninteractive] -d|--delete [rom_name]
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -l

-b|--base, nandroid apps dalvik_cache
-c|--compress, only used with -s
--reboot, only used with -r or -s
--shutdown, only used with -r or -s

Always specify options as separate words"
e.g. -c -r instead of -cr. It is required!
-r and -s need to be last or followed by rom_name.
--noninteractive needs to be first.

Don't use spaces or special characters in rom_name.
Compress will take longer but image will be smaller.


store a complete backup, prompt for rom_name (nandroid and entire ext partition)
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -s
store nandroid, /system/sd/apps*, and /system/sd/dalv* (original switchrom behavior)
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -b -s
store nandroid only and name it mycy_nand
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -n -s mycy_nand
store complete ext partition only
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -e -s
store /system/sd/apps* and system/sd/dalv* only
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -b -e -s
store nandroid, /system/sd/apps_* and system/sd/dav* only
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -n -a -s
restore complete backup (nandroid and entire ext partition)
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -r
restore nandroid, apps folder, and dalvik-cache (original switchrom behavior)
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -b -r
restore entire ext partition only
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -e -r
restore /system/sd/app* and /system/sd/dalv* (not nandroid, only apps* dalv* folders cleared first,rest of ext partition left intact)
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -b -e -r
delete a backed up rom
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -d
list available roms
sh /system/sd/bart.sh -l
bart-0.9.1.sh: fixed bug where old nandroid backups were retained when same name was used.
bart-0.9.2.sh: added battery level check before restoring to avoid it crapping out midway during restore process.
bart-0.9.3.sh: added ability to send nandroid norecovery, noboot, nodata, and nosystem flags. Added verbose mode option for nandroid backup/restore.
bart-0.9.4.sh: added ability to delete ext-backup or nandroid separately. Added extra output for verbose mode.
bart-0.9.5.sh: added non-interactive mode
bart-0.9.6.sh: added option to backup/restore app_s, dalvik-cache, and nandroid
bart-0.9.7.sh: no longer tries to mount ext partition when -n option is given.
bart-0.9.8.sh: checks whether or not it is in recovery mode, increased verbosity for verbose mode, code cleanup.
bart-1.0.0.sh: ability to reboot/shutdown after store/restore, minor code cleanup
bart-1.0.1.sh: removed recovery mode check since its not always accurate
bart-1.1.0.sh: can now source a user config file.
bart-1.1.1.sh: fixed the shbang
bart-1.2.0.sh: added ability to backup/restore cache.
bart-1.3.0.sh: cache backup is now default (cache option is now --nocache). Now works with recovery's that mount ext at either /sd-ext or /system/sd.

bart-1.3.1.sh: fix to properly source bart.config on sd-ext as well (/sd-ext/bart.config or /system/sd/bart.config)

Much thanks to Devsk.


Of course I'll take your money.

Or you could donate to others that helped me. Such as:
cyanogen, Meltus, Amon_Ra, rgv151, Rogro82, Loccy, manup456, and many more.
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