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NRG Blackstone ROMS F.A.Q.

If a working solution was found for a recent problem please send a PM to me with a link to the post, in order to update the FAQ


Q: ????
A: Before you post a question please read at least 15-20 pages and search.

Q: What happens if i ask a question that has been answered some pages back?
A: You might not get the answer you need, as it's already there.

Q: My device is Omnia/Xperia (or any other than HTC HD). How can i install you Rom?? I like it a lot.
A: NO-NO-NO. These roms are ONLY for HTC HD (Blackstone).
You will brick (destroy) your device. Go to the forum of your device, NRG makes ROMs for all modern HTC devices.

Q: When will the Next Update of NRG ROM be released?
A: There is no point in asking this question. The updates come when they come, as there is no schedule.
A tweeter account and following NRG is a good source of info about new roms from NRG

Q: Are there any Mirrors to download from?
A: For current ROMs, the answer is No, due to the Chef's request. However, NRGZ28 agrees to post mirror links for previous ROM releases.

Q: How do i Flash a ROM/Radio/Task 29?
A: Those are 2 complete tutorials
And a fast guide by Ruzan
Task29 ..the simplest way by Lukesan
Another Task29 solution from Ajape

Q: What to do Before and after flashing a new rom.
A: Follow this useful guide:

Q: In What language NRG roms are released?
A: See the top of the page of the thread and look at the country flags next to the download button.

Q: How can i have Arabic Labguage for NRG roms ?
A: Install those 2 cabs

Q: Where can i find Greek keyboard for NRG roms ?
Another one from Jolas

Q: My battery drains fast after flashing the new XYCxxx rom from NRG
A: After a flash the battery it must run for 2-3 charging cycles (charge-full discharge).
So wait for 2 days before the battery settles.


Q: How can i get Manila (full screen) volume control in 6.5.x Roms. I dont like the ugly WM volume control.
A: Manila volume control won't work on 6.5.x Blackstone ROMS. Period.
If you want you can use third party utilities.

Q: Manila won't Start
A: If manila is not starting or is performing unsually slow delete the folder:
"\Storage Card\Application Data"

Q: How can i auto copy files and folders after flash.
A: See this post:

Q: How can i reclaim 25-30mb of RAM in recent NRG roms...
A: In Startmenu there is an icon named Compact startmenu that enable the quickstartmenu,
disable Windows startmenu and after softreset you start with ~30mb more RAM

Q: I getting Java error on NRGZ roms.
A: install the cab of the same version from this thread:

Q: How do I Disable the Keyboard Vibration?
A: Edit registry key in \HKEy_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\HTC\ezsip
VibrationEnabled from 1 to 0 save and softreset

Q: E-reader tab is gone. How can I have it back?
A: Download it from addon page here:
Solution from Khaled_Chebat & MAD_Matt

Q: I have problems with my BT car kit handsfree.
A: See this solutions here from koalalek

Q: I have a Call waiting vibration instead of the peep tone!
A: I had an active vibration on waiting notifications, default value was pw3v, and solved it with the below.
[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\ControlPanel\Sounds\CallWaiting\ Script]
Change the value to pw3pw3p

p = Play ringtone
w = Wait number of seconds
v = Vibrate

Q: Where is the HTC Messaging client?
A: This can be downloaded from the Addons page.

Q: My ActiveSync isn't working and I get some weird errors (ex: 0x86000C2A, 0x86000C2B, 0x00.......).
A: Start -> Settings -> Connections -> USB to PC -> Untick the "Enable Faster Data Synchronization" checkbox.
Make sure you're typing your data correctly, specially the server name. Alot of us (including myself) have been there before.
You may need to terminate the relationship between your phone & your PC, remove your settings from ActiveSync, hard reset, then reestablish the connection again.
Microsoft mentioned that some errors might be due to a recent faulty entry (contact, email attachment, appointment, ... etc). So, try to sync one item only (e.g., contacts). If it worked, you need to recheck your recently-added items & eliminate the faulty one.
This registry seemed to work with a couple of ActiveSync errors.

Q: How can I Revert back to Original WM LockScreen instead of the Android one?
A: Start -> Settings -> Personal -> Switch Lockscreens.

Q: The new NRGZ Chat bubble SMS conversation doesn't work, when I install the ROM, I get the classic SMS compose view.
A: Scroll to "Messaging" in sense, click all messages button. From there you can find the bubble style.

Q: When opening photos, I get a small centered picture instead of full screen.
A: That's called a thumbpic...If you have a folder that's called....thumb something on your sd card..I wll sugest for you to delete it
Solution from M_T_M

Q: My wifi connection turns on/off by it self.
A: You always use the comm manager to set on/off the radio (phone-BT-WiFi). Some times the cht switches have problems.

Q: I want to change the Language of the HTC Sense
A: Open the registry and go to the key HKCU\Mui. Change the value of the key CurLang to your country code from this MS table.
Some Country Codes
409 ---> English
408 ---> Greek
407 ---> German
410 ---> Italian
413 ---> Netherlands
415 ---> Polish
Save the registry and softreset

************************************************** *************************************************

Q: My battery after the flash of the new xxxx rom drains fast
A: Try those tips
See this post for a bunch of tips in battery life
1. Remove all the new Cookie 2.0 indicators (battery-free ram etc.), if you have cookie 2.0 rom
2. Install the fix from this post (its only some pages back) if you have cookie 2.0 rom
3. After flash wait for the battery to settle down (2-3 charging cycles)
4. Dont keep wi-fi allways on (Wi-fi is a big time battery drainer... in every rom)
5. If you still have problems, Sugocy post a cab for reducing polling intervals

Q: Bubble Braker its not working in the latest rom.
A: Install the this cab
From user Chingonazo

Q: I cant display chinese or thai fonts in the latest xxx NRG Rom.
A: Try this registry fix by lefty6688 (thanks)
A: User j_bs (thanks) found another solution Here in this post

Q: My Sense restarts alot in the latest xxx NRG Rom.
A: The problem is a known bug of cookie 2.0 task widget .
If you dont use it then remove it. Or if you want the task widget on, try to have allways a dummy task active.

Q: Volume Keys not working in the latest NRG rom.
A: Install this cab (that user Simon_WM found, thanks m8) to fix the problem.

************************************************** *************************************************

This quide is based on the FAQ from the HD2 forum.
Thanks to Fishawy and all other people that post fixes and solutions that all of us can use.

Also this is the first try to put together a FAQ. Please PM me if you think that something must incuded
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