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25th September 2009, 05:31 PM |#594  
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In the interests of keeping questions relevant thought I'd post links to things people keep asking for without searching!

Most of the "bugs" are not really bugs and can easily be fixed.


The most common is the graphics issue, if once you've installed you notice the background in tabs is low res simply install this cab:

The reason it's not included is probably because it's still very beta! It works well for most people though and only takes a second to install.


The clock flicking forward every time you refresh the homepage is by design!! It shows of the animation and can be seen in the HTC Andriod phones.


For people having issues with logging into twitter, make sure the date and time are correct (I suggest setting it using windows and not Manila) then reset and try again, failing that some people have said that it worked after they have logged in using Opera first.


The home button doesn't work, here is the fix

[UNINSTALL the Miri cab (if you have installed it) - soft reset]

EXTRACT the attached to your storage card

disconnect the phone from your computer!

from inside the phone copy the .dll file to the windows directory

soft reset/done!


You can change the background for all tabs by installing this cab

Once installed chose the background for the home as usual (Menu/Home Wallpaper) and chose "Picture Wallpaper" That picture will then be displayed in all tabs! To activate the weather animation click on the top left just below the start button.

The link above is to the lite version but if you want more screens/different clocks then go here and install the premium one

Once you've installed this you might want to visit this thread, 100s of HD backgrounds to chose from there


To install a transparent slider.... (they are slightly out of line, there might be a fix around somewhere in Max's thread but the new slider in the oct 11th release is quite nice anyway)

1. Extract the 2 files from the attached to your storage card
2. Disable TF3D and disconnect the phone from your computer
3. From within the phone move those files from your storage card to the Windows directory.
4. restart TF3D

>> BATTERY LIFE *update*

I've found using wifi really drains the battery, once turned off it lasts a lot longer but there are lots of things you can do to help battery life, HD Tweak is included in this rom, but don't forget the whole point of this ROM is eye candy and speed so don't be surprised it uses up the battery quicker than some other roms

Originally Posted by handfish

If you don't want to lose the battery so quickly, all you need to do is to go to the comm manager -> settings -> wireless lan -> power mode and then select "best battery". This will save A LOT of the battery AND MAKE YOUR DEVICE MUCH much much COOLER (particularly at the back bottom).


Seems if you have a lot of SMS it's really slow, this happens in all the roms I've tried and is just a feature of this Manila, since it wasn't designed for the touch HD it's not really all that surprising really.

MMS works for some, doesn't for others, it seems to depend on your location and operator..

For those who want to disable HTC Messaging try this link

I can't confirm whether it works or not since I've not installed it, but the last update was on Monday so it's worth a try


here's a possible fix for MMS in oct11th

works for me


This now works a lot better, but to make sure, start by using quick GPS, then opening google maps and setting it to GPS (you might have to go outside to detect the satellites)

Once that's done simply update "my location" in the weather tab and it should find it quickly!

Footprints is much improved in this release, to get the links to google maps to work open Opera and enter this address

Dowload google maps cab and install it to device, then reset and it should work!

[thanks to patapalo]


Even after installing the beta graphics drivers above people still seem to find this slow....

That's just the way it is, again it's all still in beta so should improve in future releases, but you'll find that if you press and hold down on an album and drag in lanscape mode it's a lot quicker than flicking.

>>OPERA 9.7 build 3543 LEO OEM + working zoombar! *NEW*

This works perfectly in this rom! I've added a reg hack to make the 9.5 style zoombar work, it feels quicker than 9.5 and looks a lot more slick.

cab here

[edit] if you find the screen doesn't rotate just add it to "gconfig" in start/utilities]


Some people are not able to access Marketplace with the current rom it works for me but here is a possible solution for people who have problems getting it to run.

Mod Edit : download this cab from PPC Geeks to fix & soft reset (to save those who dont like reg editing)

>>POWER FIX oct 11th version

Originally Posted by soterisk

Power hot fix for this version!!
see attached cab

**You might find the power settings keep popping up with this fix, just keep pressing ok until they are gone and it should be ok till you reboot


install the attached FM radio cab if you find the radio doesn't work

[thanks to Chingonazo]


sometimes the phone will freeze when adding new contact or when updating facebook status in people, to prevent this change the settings "updates and events" in contacts to prevent it downloading facebook updates automatically

well that about covers it hehe

Thanks again to NRGZ28 for taking the time to create a great rom in the first place!
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