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26th September 2009, 04:51 PM |#425  
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Originally Posted by icetomyst

Well, the major ouch IMO is the inability to sync and use the market. It's not so much that some of the apps you mentioned weren't available on the market, its that they (including the market itself) are closed source and were used on the custom rom. That's Google's official position, but personally I'm about 99.9% positive that they just needed an excuse to publicly cry about cyanogen using the 1.6 market leak -- and they found one.

That's not the major ouch. This is the major ouch. From Disconnect on Android-Discuss:

Originally Posted by Disconnect

Everyone who is insisting that its just "oh no, don't distribute
gmail".. I challenge you to try AOSP. It'll take some time, but grab
the source and build it. Without proprietary bins. (No, seriously.
Don't copy a bunch of crap off the old image, don't include any of the
proprietary bins that -you are not allowed to redistribute-.)

It won't boot. If you manage to get past that, it won't make noise.
LED doesn't work. No way to talk to the cell modem (so no cell
services, at all.) Good news, the wifi will probably work. But even if
you include the (proprietary!) RIL, it won't make or break calls
(oops, setting the initial setup/provisioning flag is "proprietary".)

Seriously, this isn't a case of "oh, just stop distributing gmail".
This is - as ryebrye said in JBQ's thread - a case of "AOSP doesn't
work AT ALL without tons of proprietary crap".

If we are going to have to recreate all that, I -really- suggest doing
it with someone else's services. Why give them the added business?
(Alternately, release the OSS replacements under a more restrictive
license - GPL is perfectly android-compatible, except they can't take
it inside the wall and profit from it at the expense of the