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27th September 2009, 07:13 PM |#218  
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Got rejected with 10000 chars (!!) limitation so here is the rest of my answers !!

Originally Posted by manuelcalavera

Since the display is not OLED/AMOLED , how uve compared it to iphone/omnia II ( or other AMOLEDs ) ?

Correct, the screen is not OLED or AMOLED as some Smasung models, like Omnia II (i8000), JET (Qubic 31) are equipped, but i think that judging from the quality and matter of size point of view, far beyond is Leo's screen. Just for all u to know, Leo's screen its HTC's ace on the sleeve

Originally Posted by JetMouse

B3ler3fonte thanks for the great info you're giving us. My question is how good are the accelerometers on the Leo?

They are pretty poor on my TouchHD with me sometimes having to violently shake the phone to make it switch from Portrait to Landscape - I hope they've improved this!

If u have something specific to test about, please do let me know, but my rotating the phone, on images and while typing and so on i must say that Leo's accelerometer are pretty damn fast.

Now i couldn't find the question, but someone asked for Leo's mem usage and how WM 6.5 pro handles it. I must say, that since TouchFlo 3D is loaded once the device boots up, @ least on my device, which u may know its a testing one from SW's perspective (as for the HW and appearance its final market sample, apart from battery's metal cover stating Pro Three, yellowed written), it starts with like 68-70% and with IE, iGO8, F Secure Mobile Security, Core Player on and running on the background, and music playing it reached 83-84% with no stucks whatsoever.But still i think and strongly blv that HTC guys did their job from previous beta testing results and i am sure they did improve this, but i am telling u, it causes abs no prob at all, to handsets usage.

HTC Leo's Benchmark Results:

I must admit that did an mazing job for posting these benchmarks regarding Blackstone.I must admit, though i dunno previous results of the devices u ppl own, Leo finished SPB bench's in like 3' tops, though the time was meant to be 15 !!! OpenGL results r posted as well.

SPBbenchmark Results & TestOpenGL Results:

Finally on matrix videos on Core Player 1.3.2 version, with all settings by default and running the benchmarks as guided to, the results are as following:

Matrix Trailers Results (%) ( I can also post the pics i've shot apart from the percentage results) :

RL_XQ_640x480_1500_128.avi --> 232.99 / Video Frames: 3635
RL_MQB_320x240_512_128.avi --> 477.69 / Video Frames: 3634
RL_HQ_640x352_1024_128.avi --> 209.79 / Video Frames: 3635

Thats all up to now guys. Now i have to charge that beasty, coz bench's squezzed it to death Hope ull collect ur valaible from this post info each and every one of u and gimme feedback as well, coz don't forget that ur helping m as well in the b3t@ t3st!ng
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