Default Guidelines for Creating/Maintaining a Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting Thread

Guidelines for:
Creating/Maintaining a Questions & Answers/Troubleshooting thread
for a specific ROM/Kernel/Project

The Original Poster (OP) of the Q&A/T thread should;

1- Be the Developer, or someone chosen by the Developer who has a working knowledge of the specific ROM/kernel/project. A close working relationship with the Dev is obviously a bonus here

2- The point of thread title naming is: Anybody searching google or within the site should have the ROM show up, and the Q&A thread should also show in the same search results. For that to happen, the Q&A/T thread should have the same title as the development thread with the prefix [Q&A/T] followed by the dev thread’s title.

Example: the dev thread is called~
[ROM]XDA Modified Basic ASOP V#1.1.0
In the Q&A Help and Troubleshooting section you would have~
[Q&A/T][ROM]XDA Modified Basic ASOP
NOTE~The version number has been left out in the Q&A/T. This generalizes the ROM by name and not a specific version
The OP might want to add tags to the Q&A/T threads (and dev thread) so that it would be easier for someone to find and therefore ask their question in the correct place. One of the tags should be the name of the ROM so that it fits in nicely with the naming convention as well
BTW, In order to keep the first post of the newly created Q&A/T Thread as clean as possible, it is recommended that the OP un-checks the "show your signature" box

Post#2 of the Q&A/T thread could be used as a FAQ list

3- The Q&A/T thread should be posted in the Device’s Q&A, Help & Troubleshooting section, and should use the template (see below-post #3) in the first post. The template is essential for providing uniformity across the site.

4- If relevent, upon completion, the Dev would be notified by the OP that the thread is completed and might want to post in it as a sort of hello

5- The Dev should to add 2 link's to the Q&A/T (preferably top and bottom) in the first post of their dev thread. And have a description of what they want to be posted in that thread, and what they want posting in the dev thread. This is key to the whole initiative, it should be the Devs choice as to what goes where, a clear description of what should go to Q&A/T thread means that all users can understand and follow the Dev's wishes.

6- The OP would monitor the dev thread, maybe from time to time checking any issues with the Dev. But this would not be an overly intrusive kind of monitoring. If OT is excessive or there is flaming going on, then identify a forum Mod for that forum and let them know. A good working relationship with a forum Mod would be ideal so that, within reason, you can PM them with problems now and then without being overly strict about each and every post. If consecutive posts need to be moved to the Q&A/T thread then note the start and end post numbers and get your friendly Mod to move them. We wouldn't want to move lots of random posts that are not consecutive though as that is more difficult. If the Dev is not the OP, the Dev can also ask a Mod to move posts from time to time, but in this case it's likely best if the Dev just doesn’t answer certain questions in the Dev thread but just remind folk by saying "Please use the Q&A/T thread for this kind of question".

7- After the Q&A/T thread is created, the OP should post a link to it in this thread so it can be added to the list of all existing Q&A/T threads in posts #4-7