Default In the words of Borat; "Very Nice!"

Evil, this is fantastic.
Easily a considerable amount of performance improvement with this build.

I'm pleased to see that you incorporated the BFS-patch to spare those the so-called, "confusion" of applying it manually.

Anyway, I've been testing...thus far, all it quite well. No complaints. Other than my usual, "God I miss the TEXTURED transparent notification bar".

I've been talking to CC about testing a "non-hacked" (referring to the 10MB addition RAM hack) BFS-patched kernel of his. He has that currently "in the oven" and hopes to release some time later this evening. If not, definitely tomorrow! I'm also going to be trying miketaylor00's latest user.conf to see what I can blend in with my own.

Folks, once I hybrid his user.conf with my own...I will post them here. I don't have an ETA on that release. Just be patient. Thanks for the support.
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