OK as you this pic shows

Google don't care for our GneX so no support for our device as you see the last update our GPU received from them is outdated

gpu: pvr: Update to DDK 1.8@2198402
-> SGX-BIN:*DDK*update*1.8@945322


But lucky TI and IMGTEC support what they create long after releasing it to the market yeah 18 months is crap support and a horrible way to set an example thanks Google

Thanks for the tip and yeah no hard feelings TI and IMGTEC are cool with me So yeah with the commit below I was told you can patch the GNeX kernel and use the updated ducati, sgx gpu, and gralloc bins provided


They also might be updated soon so stay tuned and like I said thanks Google for no support that's how you show the OEMS how to do it

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