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I have the same problem, I deleted the partition /persist and now does not turn on Wi-Fi, my folder has only one binary, do not know what the solution.

Edit: We need a binary and a folder in that partition, I guess flashing one. Zip partition be solved, just do not know how to do it, I need the files to assemble. I do not know if we can assist in that, since I have already used the RSD lite for flashing full firmware and nothing, you can not, brand error...

*Sorry for my bad english* :c
Full Flash don't work for me

"fastboot flash persist" don't work too

But I fix it with
copy WCNSS_qcom_wlan_nv.bin to \persist (on wi-fi fix atrix hd)
and fix permissions chmod -rw-rw--- and chown wifi:wifi
my wi-fi is back to work

Link: http://db.tt/3zIjckrQ
thanks for help ...