Default [KERNEL] [N5] [S2W/DT2W] Linaro Kernel | r60 | 3.4.103 | 4.4.4 | A15 GCC 4.9.1 |

  • Based on Franco Kernel
  • This is an AOSP based kernel, so it won't work with CAF based ROMs like CM11
  • Aroma Installer with selectable options (sound, colors, wake gestures...)
  • O3 flag, hard ABI, Linaro, VFP and many others Cortex-A15 Optimizations
  • Tweaks to make it compile with gcc 4.9.1, Tweaks from Morfic
  • Fixed most of the warnings
  • Upstream with Linux kernel 3.4.x
  • Init.d Support
  • Battery Life eXtender, LCD_KCAL drivers
  • FAT usb OTG outomount, for other FS use stickmount app
  • Turned off many debug and logging option
  • Added Faux sound, Franco sound is not included, I prefer Faux solution
  • Sl[AOU]b allocators optimizations and fixes
  • Lz4 compressed kernel and RamDisk for faster boot (with lz4 r121)
  • Added sweep2wake, doubletap2wake, sweep2sleep
  • s2w/dt2w: Powerkey toggle, Prevent touches during phone calls, Timeout option, Bidirectional sweep2sleep, Omnidirectional sweep2wake...
  • Wake gestures interface (requires this xposed module)
  • Optional haptic feedback for gestures
  • Logitech unifying receiver support
  • ExFat 1.2.5, NFS and F2FS support
  • lib/string & lib/memcpy: use faser glibc version
  • Rwsem backported from Linux 3.10
  • Overclocked slimbus for better audio quality
  • Mouse/Keyboard Driver support (you need this app and adb debug activated to use your device as a keyboard/mouse to control a pc, even in bios)
  • Audio call recording support (you need this app)
  • Many other fixes you can find in my git

App Support:
  • Compatible with Nexus 5 gamma reverse engineering
  • Compatible with franco.kernel Updater (FKU)
  • Compatible with Faux Sound

  • You can find my own compiled toolchain, optimized for Cortex A15 HERE
  • s2w, dt2w, s2s+dt2w will cause an extra battery drain (~2% per hour)
  • s2s only will not cause any extra battery drain

How to flash:
just flash in recovery, no need to wipe anything

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Source HERE

XDA:DevDB Information
Linaro Kernel, Kernel for the Google Nexus 5

Kernel Special Features: AOSP Kernel based on Franco Kernel compiled with my own compiled Cortex A15 optimized Linaro toolchain, it includes latest linux patches, and many other optimizations.

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: r60
Stable Release Date: 2014-08-17

Created 2013-11-14
Last Updated 2014-08-18