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Thanks to:
@Android-Andi thanks for your repack, it's working great , btw Andi did you activated swap? (you got a huge internal)
@ketut.kumajaya hope you didn't give up on us, since you already have tab3
Like i sayed before, donīt thank me, all thanks goes to @ketut.kumajaya ! He repacked the kernel with MIUI-Support for me when i was trying to port MIUI.
I only asked for permissions to share his MIUI-Repack because itīs working on this rom And testing a Rom in Dual-Boot is much easyer
Logger is enabled by default.
I donīt know if swap is activated, i havenīt activated it by hand

What i did:
MIUI-Repacked DhollmenCM kernel

I repacked Dhollmen Kernel to work with this Rom and asked @tuxafgmur for permissions to share my repack.

Here we go:
This Repack will only work on MIUI !

DhollmenCM-P31xx-Kernel_20130722-MIUI-Repack.zip (recommend for this MIUI CM 10.1 based)

Thanks @tuxafgmur for Dhollmen Kernel and permissions to share my unofficial repack !!!

Youīll find Dhollmen-Kernel for CM 10.1 and CM 10.2 here.

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