Because I'm a retired man I need my S4 Mini for my personal use only. Not for Enterprise or Government working, then I don't need the hateful KNOX.
After customer recovery install and root access, the first thing I make is delete all apk and more from it (whit Root Explorer):

1 - From system/app I delete:
ContainerAgent.apk + odex
ContainerEventsRelayManager.apk + odex
KLMSAgent.apk + odex
KNOXAgent.apk + odex
KNOXAttestationAgent.apk + odex
KNOXStore.apk + odex
SPDClient.apk + odex

From system/containers I delete:
All .apk + .zip file and 2 apk inside subfolder framework

Wipe cache + dalvik on recovery and all work for me (not for Knox )

PS: I make the same always on another device that have also the Knox, is alright always.
Best Regards (Cumprimentos).