OK, If you're stuck with an incomplete flash, here are some steps you can try to get to MJ9...
These instructions assume you started with MJ6.

First, make sure you can boot into recovery. If not, download and apply the MJ6 recovery.
It should apply without error. If not, report the failure.

Download and extract the following files...

If you don't already have it, download the mf3-mj9 update file...
  1. Start Odin, connect your phone and boot into Download mode.
  2. Flash mf3-emergency-part-1.tar.md5 which contains modem.bin, NON-HLOS.bin and system.img.ext4.
  3. The flash of system.img.ext4 WILL FAIL at the end. That's OK.
  4. Reboot the phone back into Download mode and restart Odin.
  5. Flash mf3-emergency-part-2.tar.md5 which contains cache.img.ext4.
  6. The flash WILL FAIL at the end. That's OK.
  7. The phone should now reboot to recovery by itself and apply a small update. If it fails, stop and report.
  8. The phone should now reboot to a black screen with the pulsing notification LED.
  9. Reboot into recovery mode and flash update-mf3-mj9.zip. I recommend sideloading instead of flashing from sdcard because the sdcard method reboots the phone whether the update was successful or not and you lose the error messages.
  10. Reboot the phone and let it initialize.
  11. You should now have MJ9.