Default [Q] HTC One boot loop after battery calibration

Hey there

This is my first post! I need help from you!

Ok I own a 6 month old HTC One. 2 weeks ago I rooted my device and flashed Android Revolution HD 31.5 with TWRP Recovery. 3 days ago I have sucessfully S-OFF my HTC ! Because I have to return it to Vodafone.

Yesterday I done a battery calibration and when I finished, my HTC started rebooting itself ... It reboots and stays for 5 seconds at the home screen and then it reboots again .. I can acess my phone through cmd prompt and I can enter recovery. I already tried to wipe dalvik cache and cache, no success.

What can I do to solve my problem ? Can I wipe battery stats to solve it?

Thank You
Artur Amaral