Thumbs down Note 3 Signal Strength problems

So apperently the signal strength on our devices is not up to par. Ive heard a large amount of people having bad signal quality compared to their previous devices as well as previous Galaxy devices. Personally I've owned an SM-900A (AT&T) and an SM-900T (T-Mobile) Note 3 and they've all had pretty garbage signal strength (10+ DBm worse than any of my other devices on LTE, 3G, and 2G.) For example my budget Pantech Burst gets about 10DBm better than my Note 3 on any network type which is pitiful since its a 2 year old budget android device...
Its not even close to the signal strength i got on my AT&T Note II. I constantly drop from LTE to a just as weak 3G signal and sometimes ****ing EDGE! (2G)
It doesnt do this on my other devices
All of this has been on AT&T.

So what the hell is causing this guys?
Is it the power enveloping **** they implemented?
Are the antennas ****?
Its seriously bothering me.
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