When I get off work I'll download the Odin file when available and I'll cook something up, knox free.

Downloading now from sammobile.com
Samsung Galaxy S4 SGH-M919 JFLTETMO
Bootloader: MDL
ROMs (Kernels): X-NOTE (KT-SGS4-JB4.3-TW-TMO), STOCK MK2 *My ROM* (KT-SGS4-JB4.3-TW-TMO), Danvdh - Google Edition (KT-SGS4-KK4.4-TWGE-INTL), AOSP (KT-SGS4-KK4.4-AOSP-TMO), SlimKat (KT-SGS4-KK4.4-AOSP-TMO)
Recovery: CWM Touch

Retired: SGH-T959

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