Talking [APP][4.0+] beat (2.0.13) - a music player with floating controls

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  • Free (Promo code: 'February2014')
  • First music player app that had floating controls like the fb-chatheads.
  • This is a pure FOLDER player (albums and artits is integrated, but again the whole folder where the artist/album is found will be shown!).
  • You can stream music from Dropbox and Google Drive.

I developed this for my personal use, so if you want more features, please let me know, but I might not add them :P.

The app is fully customizable: Different list styles, colors, sizes.


- SkyDrive and Box added
- Covers from cloud will be displayed (jpgs in folders only for now)
- Streaming/Buffering/other fixes

bitcoin: 16u61172ABPD4uQg1Qx2Ajt8NZ96VYsYbd

DOWNLOAD APK (2.0.13):

Complaining about too much updates ?

I care about what I publish and want it to be perfect.
Some things seem to be good at the start but need tweaking later to fit the needs of everyone.
beat supports 2800+ devices, is available in all countries, is free and you can switch off the ads (the switch is not hidden somewhere).
With 2000-3000 downloads a day new bugs, feedback and suggestions come up everyday and I want to make everyone happy.
So please think twice before you complain about too much updates, instead tell me what I should update next
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