Default [Q] Help setting up the nexus 5

Hi guys, I ordered my Nexus 5 last week, and hopefully it'll come by Christmas! I've always been an iPhone user, and this will be my first time using android (if you don't consider the time i installed iDroid on my old 3G).Since I can't wait to use it, I'm trying to set everything up as much as possible before i get it. Since I was an iCloud user, i had to switch to Google services, which wasn't a problem, the mail and the contacts worked perfectly. When I tried to transfer the music from iTunes, I discovered that i need to download "google music manager", to use the music app. Unfortunately, I can't download it since it asks me for a credit card, even if i choose to use the standard "free" version of google music. This is so annoying; is there a way to transfer my music without using the google manager? Or a way to download it without providing a credit card? If not, is there another player that i can use to listen to my music? Thanks in advance
PS: sorry for the bad english (i'm italian) and for any dumb and noob question :P