Default [Q] Micromax a210 (Turbo) doesn't turn on

My phone Micromax a210 isn't turning on at all.

I was uploading some video to What's app. And suddenly i had to press the home button. Then, my phone gets Hanged up!

Then, i though just pressing the lock button and unlocking it will bring back. But to my surprise, the phone locked (Screen off) and doesn't turn on at all.

There is no way to remove battery too. It had some 50% battery in it. I even tried charging it. But doesn't turn on at all. It had it CHARGING LIGHTS ON when i plugged in the power source. But, phone doesn't turn on.

I'm not pretty sure whether it had shut down or that application is killing it.

Please give me some ideas to bring back my phone. It's a new one. Just 3 days old

VIVO PVT S-OFF by BlackRose 2.03 Radio: 3831.18.00.11_M
Recovery: 4EXT Recovery RC9
ROM: ViperVIVO2.2.1