Default [Q] How do I push a stock recovery to my HTCone using ADB?

So I admit I screwed up and started the whole root process without reading and studying about adb. What happened was I enabled developer mode and disabled fast boot on my HTCone. I then tried to use the rumrunner root method. It was successful and gave me S-off, unlock and SUser. Where I failed at was just coming over from an iPhone and having a HTC Evo in the past I was not familiar with adb or have I done any development. So I didn't even have adb set up and it left me with my custom recovery. I let a friend look at it that had some linux experience and he deleted my stock recovery and tried to push the TeamWin Recovery Project recovery to my phone. This failed and left me with no recovery at all. I then still not knowing what was going on got frustrated and tried to remove root and just run everything stock till I studied up more. Well I removed root access but I still have s-off, fastboot and unlocked. Since I had no recovery I can not do anything but run what I have on my phone now. I did however do a backup of everything before this using titanium backup. But my understanding you have to have root to use it.

Since my screw up I have studied up on adb and installed everything needed. I have played around with it just without making changes just to get familiar and test if it was working. I tried to use rumrunner again but it fails at the end but does connect to adb now.

What I need to know is can I push my stock recovery back to my phone via adb then try to use rumrunner again for root? Or what can I do since S-off and unlocked?

I admit I pulled an idiot move and will study and learn the whole process before doing anything new.

Thanks in advance for all help.