Question [Q] KitKANG 4.4 by spezi77 - how to remove INT2EXT4 script properly?

Hi all,

i was testing this ROM and it works pretty well for a pre-alpha release. Actually there is a known issue (Settings / Apps / Properties -> FC) that is driving me nuts... I really need to open the Properties to move certain apps to "internal".

There are a couple of apps natively installing parts on SD card, for example Final Fantasy 4 or the XDA developers app. For whatever weird reason when the phone is rebooting these apps are completely disappearing and need to be reinstalled from the Playstore. This is happening to all apps which are "on SD card" in Settings / Apps.

So far i could not figure out why these apps are disappearing, but i believe the Properties FC is related to the INT2EXT4 script. I tried removing the script from init.d folder in the zip file to use Mounts2SD from Playstore instead. Did a full wipe and reinstalled, but then everything was force closing at setup wizard sceen.

Is it possible to remove the INT2EXT4 script from this ROM without crippling it completely? If yes, what is the procedure to remove it properly?

Any help would be appreciated.