Default Nexus 5 put to the ultimate durability test!


So this weekend the girlfriend and I were getting ready for a small road trip. I had my jacket and Nexus in hand when I get to the car and I put them both on the top as I dug around trying to find my cigarette lighter -> USB device under the seats. I got distracted and ended up leaving with both my coat and phone on the top of my car. I turn out of my apartment complex and floor it to 40mph. I'd say about 5 minutes later we get to the gas station and I realize my Nexus is missing!

I realized what I had done and we went back to see both of my items lying in the busy street. My poor Nexus was face down on the asphalt... I had to play Frogger to get across the road safetly and to my surprise the phone was okay. It has quite a few small scratches on the front and the plastic on the top edge is a little rough but aside from that everything is fine. I was so surprised after shattering my Nexus 4 not too long ago.

Just figured I'd share this story. I'm more impressed with the build quality now after knowing that it landed face down and was probably ran over by a few cars