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I have a Developer Edition (unlocked) with Stock 4.3 at the moment, is rooted and with TWRP custom recovery, my phone is asking me to upgrade to 4.4. My questions are:

- What would be the results of the upgrade?
- It will flash over my custom recovery without problems?

I guess I will loose root and custom recovery but I can flash them again, my main concern is that the OTA will not flash correctly for being rooted and with custom recovery. Thanks a lot for those that know the answer and want to help me.
Actually, you won't be able to do an OTA update when you've a custom recovery (you shouldn't even get it in the first place, sometimes it comes through), if you try to apply the OTA, you'll boot back to the TWRP recovery.

So, you should either go full stock (recovery & ROM), then do an OTA. Or flash some 4.4 Custom ROM.