Thumbs up Working camera / camcorder !!!!! :D

Ok after like THREE DAYS!!!!!!!!! Of testing different cameras and camcorders I found one that WORKS! I wanted a camera that had the correct orientation for pictures AND would also have the correct orientation for videos but ALSO had the audio in SYNC!! FOR SOME FREAKING REASON most of the video recording apps for this device do NOT SYNC the audio to the video!!!!

I have attached it in a ZIP file. It was too big as an APK to attach. So just unzip it and install the apk. This is version 2.5.1. For some reason version 3.0.1 would flip the video upside down when recording with the camera on top, a problem that this version does NOT have . That is, this version has no orientation issues and can record the audio and video in sync!! One thing I do is I change the audio quality to 48khz in the camcorder settings. Took me THREE DAYS of testing camera apps to find this and I found no solution on the KFHD 7 sections so hopefully this will help someone else Have fun!!!!

P.S. It's called "Camera JB+" which also installs "Gallery JB+"

UPDATE: Attachment removed due to it being a paid APP. Just search "Camera JB+" in the market to find it. It's the only camera/camcorder I've found that works on this device correctly.