Lightbulb [Q] [QUERY] Any Way To Make Forced "Holo.Light" Themed On All Apps Custom ROM ???

I have been searching this ans from a very long time but yet XDA or any site has been able to ans the query.
This is a ques of many but yet no sure shot method to do so..
So i am posting new thread to know if any of u talented developers pls help me here..

I have a stock ROM with BLACK background as default for all apps..
But i want to make a custom ROM which not only uses Holo.Light (White Background & Black Fonts) as default, but forces apps to use it (If possible)..
Any way I can do that ???

PS -
If not possible, I too have a Holo.Light (White Background & Black Fonts) themed odexed rom.
When i De-Odex and copy Phone.apk, MMS.apk, Contacts.apk to my stock ROM and flash, nothing changes and all remain same.
Any way I can port those apk's with white backgrounds to my ROM ???