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just try it again, if it get hotter than 40C then your thermal paste might be ****ty and might have to return. if it kept stay around that temperature then your fine. I wouldnt worry about it, but like i said, i rarely get up there.
Thanks, I am going to give it another run tomorrow after it is fully charged at %100 I am going to play the game for about 10-15 minutes report back with temp.

Then I will let it cool off, close all unnecessary applications and then try again and report back.
Is this actually battery temp or processor temp? I assume it is processor because the hot portion is actually top, right around the camera. Should I be checking any other temp gauges?

What rom are you running? I wanted to root and run a rom, but it seems like all roms are either nightlies or release candidates, there isn't even a stable 4.2 rom for G2 D800.
I just saw CM 10.2 has finally been released as stable but there are still some reports of serious bugs, and a poster said this should be final before development on CM 11 begins.