Prompt Hacking the new Nook GlowLight

I just got a new Nook GlowLight (NGL), and came here assuming I would find all sorts of wonderful information about rooting it, and cool hacks I could do to make it more usable. Imagine my surprise when I could only find a couple of threads about it at all, with almost zero information! Finding information is definitely hampered by the name of the device. Any time I google for Nook GlowLight, 99% of the results are instead about the completely different product, Nook Simple Touch with GlowLight. Frustrating!

Anyway, in an effort to get the ball rolling, I will post the little bit that I have been able to find out about my NGL.

I cannot seem to ADB into it. I plugged it in, but ADB does not recognize it. It shows up as a regular mass storage device. The USB VendorID is 2080, and the ProductID is 0007. There seems to be no information out there anywhere about 2080:0007, unfortunately.

I took the back cover off to see if there was a magical "press here to root" button. Sadly, there was not. Since there does not appear to be a NGL teardown annnnnnnnnnnnnywhere on the whole wide Interwebs, I took some amateur photos of mine to share. I didn't want to chance breaking it, as I can't really go and buy a new one right now, so it's not torn down to the individual components, sorry. Hopefully it will be enough to spark some ideas, at least.

I don't know much about hardware hacking, but I've heard about JTAG ports being used to get inside of plenty of Android devices. One of the things I noticed was four unmarked copper pads on the board. That seems about right, as apparently most JTAG interfaces have either 4 or 5 lines, plus Ground. I created a picture with the four unmarked pads + Ground marked.

I know it's not much, but hopefully this information will spark some ideas from people with more experience in cracking these devices! If anyone else has additional information to add, please post it here.
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