Thumbs up CyanogenMod and ClockworkMod Recovery on HTC Panache / MyTouch 4G

On HTC Panache (MyTouch 4G), the procedure is documented at But selecting any menu option in ClockworkMod recovery caused the ClockworkMod logo to be displayed; tapping the power button returned it to the menu... had to remove battery. Tried 3 versions of ClockworkMod. Couldn't find any discussion of this issue. TWRP2 worked perfectly., but with a special build not available from that page: twrp2.2.2.1-glacier-recovery.img from

I tried ROM Manager but it wouldn't let me remove or downgrade ClockworkMod, so installed TWRP over ClockwordMod using:
fastboot flash recovery twrp2.2.2.1-glacier-recovery.img

Would be worth noting for newbies that Google Play / Market must be installed from the command line as well. (

Notable improvements over HTC Panache stock:
- Apps run faster!
- Facebook app works again.
and all the other cyanogenmod stuff.