Default Are SGP Spigen Neo Hybrid cases still available?

I've had a SGP Spigen Neo Hybrid case for my S3 for a year and it served me really well - the phone has survived multiple scary drops without a scratch, plus there are only a couple of hairline scratches on the screen protector that came with it, even after a full year of constant use and occasional abuse. However, the plastic band snapped the other day and I was quite disappointed when I went to get a replacement as they don't seem widely available anymore.

I'd like to get a genuine (if still possible) SGP Spigen Neo Hybrid case with a white plastic band to replace the old one, so if anyone could provide the link where it's still available, that would be really awesome. I find most other cases too stocky/outright tacky.

Also, if anyone has used fakes, what were they like? I'm considering that as last resort if need be :/