Info 2 LG Optimus Bright L-07C nttDocomo (LG P970 Japanese Version) Flash

This fixed and upgraded two LG Optimus Bright L-07C nttDocomo (LG P970 Japanese Version)
This also worked on LG Optimus Black P970.

Things needed:
Flasher = SmartFlash Tool Click Here
Drivers = LGUnitedMobileDriver_S4981MAN38AP22_ML_WHQL_Ver_3. 8.1.exe Click Here
Converter = LG-P970+ROM+COVERTER+2.1.exe Clik Here
Stock ROM = V30C_00.kdz (Philippines)

Here are the stock ROMs for other countries - Click Here

NOTE: I used LG-P970+ROM+COVERTER+2.1.exe to convert V30C_00.kdz file to LGP970_V30C_00_AP.bin and
LGP970_V30C_00_CP.fls files. Here's the tutorial on converting. Click Here

same procedures:

1 install drivers
2 run smart flash tool
3 click rom copy d/l tab
4 cp bin = browse for fls file
5 ap bin = browse for bin file
6 hold vol up while connecting LG phone to usb
7 com port and communication driver must not blank
8 click start, wait to finish, dont do anything

- other smart phone software/drivers like itunes, samsung kies, sony companion can affect flashing, try uninstalling them first
- bad usb wire will make flash unsuccessful. i tried many attemps because of this problem.
- drop down menu is missing after flash, if this happen to you, just do a factory reset.