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I have a Prestigio PAP4322 and yesterday i decided to root it.After rooting I deleted the settings.apk (accidentally touched that) and now my phone is kinda useless.I dont have a backup.
I searched for a backup and found one.Extracted the settings.apk but that didnt solve anything since it couldnt be installed.Than i tried to install the rom manager to restore the backup that i found,but my device isnt supported clockworkmod and i cant boot into clockworkmod recovery to restore that backup.
Than i found somoene that told me to put the setting.apk file in the system/app folder and than restart the phone.After restarting the phone,he stuck in the loading screen.Tried a lot of times and he still stuck at loading screen.
So i decided to boot into system recovery and wipe data/factory reset.

And now my phone is unrooted,cant access play store (after selecting to log in with an excisting account the app crashes),settings.apk is still missing and i cant turn on usb debuging(since settings.apk is missing).

Pls help