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Quick Review
A quick review about this new version [1.0-ReBirth];
Well,actually,crossfire77's nightleys were buggy(wifi not working and camcorder not recording )
So I decided to come back to Jdevs build(CM10.1 by OWL Project).
I added more tweaks,make it more KK look-and-feel.
Please ignore any previous version,and this version cannot be updated via OTA,cuz it has a whole new id.

  1. Based on latest CM10.1 By OWL-Project
  2. Kit Kat Look-And-Feel(Sounds.theme..etc.)
  3. V!PER Sound Engine for really awesome sound
  4. Over-The-Air updates
  5. Init.d Support
  6. Init.d Tweaked
  7. Slimmed CMWallpapers.apk (Size about 2MB instead of 7MB)
  8. Android 4.3 Camera
  9. CM 11 Bootanimation
  10. Extremely smooth with TWEAKZV6 and nice battery life
  11. HDPI Theme Chooser
  12. OWL Predator Kernel(which supports WFS 2012 Edition)
  13. And many others I forgot

Next Build
  1. Nexus 5 statusbar(MAYBE)
  2. Kit Kat Camera(MAYBE)
  3. More cool apps and tweaks
  4. KK bootanimation(None of them are working on our device )
  5. HTC One M8 Sense UI V6 theme(MAYBE)
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HTC Wildfire S
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