Default [GingerElite] [e400] (stil in progress)

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i have been editing My rom to make it better specially for Gaming/battry
and i called it GingerElite but still need some advice form the devs to fix bugs

*Features :
based on V10h
Supports Arabic
No Bloatware
overclocked to 1ghz
Better gaming experience
ini.d support
Adreno Booster
super free Ram (up to 220mb)
Great battry (up to 7 hours continuous Online gameplay on 1ghz )
(Not only works well for gamers but also for heavy Users and who need a battey which lasts for days )

*tried in Gaming performance
~"Dead trigger" with Tegra 3 effects (no lag no reduce texture quality. )
~"Gta 3" ( With audio and Radio and High visuals 50% draw distance 99% no lag )
" Mc 3 and Mc4 no lag "
"Gun bros 2" no lag or force close
"Gangstar Vegas" no lag
and much more
"respwasnables" (which is very graphical No lag but phone reboots )
"Cs protable (rebooted)

Sometimes on playing some games Phone reboots itself
2. sometimes phone reboots when turning on/off WIFi

iam stil Working on The UI and launcher but most likely it will look like KitKat