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Hi guys!
i've made a simple app to manage various kernel parameters and i've also added some useful features that will help you with your "flashing mania"

Latest version of the app supports MOAR devices!

- Nexus 5 (O'RLY?!) :sly:
- Htc One
- Htc One X
- Htc One X+
- Galaxy Nexus
- Nexus 4
- Moto X
- Moto G
- Galaxy S4/S3/S2
- Galaxy Note 1/2/3
- Xperia Z1 / Z / Z Ultra
- LG G2
- LG G Flex

Follow the project on Google+ to get updates:


  • LongPress one item to display the Contextual ActionBar, select values you want to set on boot and hit the heart icon

CPU Tuning
  • Cpu Max frequency
  • Cpu Min frequency
  • Governor
  • CpuQuiet
  • Governor fine tuning : manage every single paramenter of your preferred governor

GPU Tuning
  • Gpu Max frequency
  • Other Gpu Parameters if available

UnderVolt Table
  • Supports uv_mv_table and vdd_table
  • Batch undervolting
  • Single frequency voltage editing

Kernel specific values
  • I/O Scheduler
  • Read Ahead size
  • Tune Scheduler parameters
  • TCP Congestion control
  • Toggle Fast Charge
  • Toggle Fsync
  • DoubleTap 2 Wake
  • Sweep 2 Wake
  • Sweep 2 Sleep
  • Vibration intensity

Low Memory Killer
  • Tweak native android task killer

Review Items
  • a list that contains all values that will be applied on boot! You can also edit values from this tab
  • Longpress one item to shoe the Contextual ActionBar, select values you want to Delete and hit the trash icon!

Simple File Explorer
  • Install Boot.img
  • install Recovery.img
  • Flash package

  • Backup Boot.img
  • Backup Recovery.img
  • swipe item on left/right to delete backup

Recovery Actions
  • Create a custom editable list of commands
  • Wipe Cache
  • Wipe Dalvik cache
  • Wipe Data
  • Install package
  • Nandroid Backup
  • Add and reorder commands as you wish, then hit the reboot button and take a coffee, your commands will be executed automatically and device will reboot automatically
  • Drag and drop and item to reorder
  • Swipe to the left/right, to delete command

  • Read/Write SD-Card : Needed for File Explorer and Backup tools
  • Access SuperUser : to apply selected values
  • Access Network : Needed for Google Analytics stuff ( to track crashes and errors)
  • Receive Boot Completed : To apply your selected values when you reboot the device!
KernelTweaker uses some OpenSource classes and xmls from:
and SlidingMenu library from jfeinstein10:

Latest versions moved from beta to public!!!
(click on the image or the link to find it on PlayStore! )
If you like the app please rate it on PlayStore! i will keep it updated as best as i can!

The application is already on PlayStore as BETA, so you need to join the community on Google Plus at this Link:
Then join the Beta program!

Kernel Tweaker will be always free and without ads, and i will add as more features as i can!
if you have suggestions, ideas or you find a bug, please post here or on G+ community!
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