Default [Discussion] Notification Led very bad, solutions?

Hello. Since I dont see any complains or posts about notification led, I create this post so we can share our opinions

I mean, our led is weak, not multicolor, it stops blinking after a few minutes, and when it is charging it is useless because does not blink at all (stays red).

The multicolor and weak issue itīs hardware..So I dont think there is any solution (multicolor is very useful, for example to tell apart whatsapp mesage or group, so maybe is more or less urgent..)

But, do you know any solution for "blinking time" issue and the charging issue. I read that Viper Rom has some Mod or something, but I prefer staying in stock for the time being (however, I do have root)

On the other hand, i have tried light flow app, but I do not get the led blinking, it keeps static

Thank you for your help!