Default [Q] Is camera app tied to SIM card?

Waiting for SIM card and case before activating my new Nexus 5 32gb. I've been connecting to the internet on the phone through local wifi.

The phone was at 4.4.0 when I received it. It was/is stock, un-rooted.

When attempting to use the camera app, it was giving an message about not having a sd card (?huh?) and wouldn't let me take a picture most of the time. When it would occasionally let me take a picture, it would write a solid gray image that the gallery couldn't open (it would give an error message). I was able to get Cymera to take pics and work.

I side-loaded 4.4.1 to the camera and the stock camera worked and Cymera stopped working.

When the 4.4.2 update came out, I side-loaded the update. The camera is currently stock, un-rooted, with no sim card.

I used the camera app to take a bunch of pictures about 15 mins ago. I used the camera app and also took some pics with Camera fv-5 lite and with GIF camera.

I just looked at the images in the gallery and the images taken by the camera app are all solid grey and they can be opened by the gallery. The images taken by Camera fv-5 lite and GIF camera are all fine.

After seeing this, I then took a pic through the camera app and it wrote and viewed fine.

Has anyone else seen this behavior from the built-in camera app?