Default [Q] S4 with Gear

I have ATT's Samsung Galaxsy S4 on 4.2.2 MF3. And I got the Gear watch the other day. Now I know I need to get my phone on to 4.3 to sync it with the gear. But att pulled the update due to bugs or something and they not sure when they will release it. It would be great if some one would point me to the right custom rom that will have the phone working on the 4.3. I know I should research but im new to this phone and when I do the research I hit the wall due to so much information out there. Im looking for the help from some one that did the custom rom on the att mf3 rom due to mf3 being a hard rom to play with from what I saw. Don't want to take the wrong turn to fined out that I brick my phone. Or if I can some how get it on the att 4.3 rom that would be great help as well. Don't really want to loose the warranty. Thank you.