Default Underwhelmed by Nexus 5

Order Nexus 5 as soon as it came out. I had high hopes for N5 from what I see on the internet. Great hardware spec and rather handsome looking.

My previous android phones were Acer Liquid, HTC Sensation, and HTC One S. I was choosing between blue HTC One and white Nexus 5 to replace my One S. Nexus 5's price and top spec won out.

When I finally held it in my hand, I thought "Ok, it doesn't feel as solid compared to One S but still not bad".

Then I started playing with it. Very smooth and fast, and the screen is gorgeous!

But after a month with it, I have an itching regret about getting it.

First is the speaker...I am no audiophile but damn...N5's speaker is really bad compared to One S. I turned the volume down to the last volume step and it is still pretty loud for me. I even edited framework.jar to increase the volume steps from 7 to 15 but even after this, it still sounded the same at the last volume step. I think the sound range of N5 speaker is very limited or something. One S speaker was able to sound very quiet but still clear.

Second is the battery life...drains very fast compared to One S. This could be due to the Full HD screen of N5 or relatively new KitKat. Another interpretation would be...Google is more honest about reporting the true battery life :P

Third is the LED...I think N5 has the ugliest looking LED on a phone I have seen. It's hard to describe but it is not fully rounded and with some other color mixed in on the peripheral of the LED.

I hope I don't come off as blasting N5 but with N5, I can tolerate it but not love it like my previous phones. Probably the last time I will get a LG built Nexus...from what I gather N4 also had horrible speaker and not so stellar battery life.

But getting a Nexus is about getting the latest Android. I really hope Google will go with someone else for Nexus 6, or I hope HTC's next year flagship will sell well so that there is more developer support.