Default [Q] Settings has stopped

I've layered a lot of ROMs on this phone without wiping and finally encountered a problem. Settings won't open any more. I started with some unofficial d801 CM 10, then put the official d802 CM 10 nightly with a d801 kernel, then a d801 CM 10 final, then CM 11 M1, and I've installed a few nightlies since. I'm not sure when it broke, sometime between the M1 CM 11 release and the 2013-12-11 nightly.

Since I haven't seen anyone else reporting a problem like this I'm guessing piling up all these ROMs is the source of the problem. The help I'd like is finding the crash report so I can try to figure out where things are going wrong. Where might I find the crash report? If it's not typically generated, how can I use ADB to debug the Settings app?

It'd be nice if someone knows a quick fix for this. But I'd still like to learn how to investigate it myself.