Default [Q] Need 4.2.2 firmware S4 i337m (Bell Canada) please

Need 4.2.2 firmware i337m (Bell Canada) please

The File at Sam Mobile version 4.2.2 for Bell fails at 2% upload in Odin 3.09
The other file available there, an older 4.2.2 is corrupt once downloaded (tried 3 times).

Reason I was flashing back to 4.2.2 is because with the new Bell 4.3 firmware, network unlock codes no longer work (changed??) and neither does USB unlocking (new security feature).

The File at Sam Mobile version 4.3 for Bell works fine hence it's not my Odin setup causing the issue.

It is conceivable that the new 4.3 firmware from this provide is the cause of the Odin failure at 2% for 4.2.2 ?

Any other good reliable sources for a 4.2.2 firmware version pre ME1 ?