Default Bootloop LS980


I had installed TWRP and CM10.2 with no issue, ioroot11.

I let my buddy use the device, he jacked it up...its stuck in the LG boot logo loop... I can still boot in to TWRP but cm10.2 is gone along with everything else that was on the storage. Its clear now he wiped everything.

I need clear step by step instructions on how to overcome this issue.

Id rather just find a way to get cm back on to the storage but if i have to i will do a stock re install.

I need a list of working drivers, how to get adb set up and working correctly (adb devices says offline for my device atm), what commands to use to push cm10 back on to the device, what state the phone needs to be in order to push the cm10 zip (i only have bootlogo, download mode and twrp as device state options).

or i need a list of everything that is needed to install stock. as far as that goes, i need a direct link to sprints .tot file and directions on how to get that going.


Stuck in LG logo boot, still have TWRP..need help getting ANY type of rom installed. ADB push or Stock re install....

Thanks ahead of time to anyone who helps.

you guys are awesome!