Default [ROM][4.4.2]CM 11.0 Unofficial[Kang] + FJ Mod Jan 20, 2014 [Alpha]

This is a 100% UNOFFICIAL Build of CM 11 + FJ Mod
I compiled this from latest source synced on Jan. 20, 2014
I take absolutely no responsibility for you damaging your device with this.
Don't know what you're doing? Don't flash this
Consider this Alpha Quality

I used the following sources to compile this:

Please do not bug the Cyanogenmod developers about this build as it in no way reflects their work or final product.

Expect stuff not to work...

This is not a support thread.
I just put this here to share

Download here: Mirror Mirror
JDV Mirror
Dev-Host Mirror

md5sum = a8dc85361858d9301505d2a20ff17071

Suggested GApps:
Download Full 4.4 GApps
Download Stock 4.4 GApps

You know the drill:
1. Back up yer stuff
2. Wipe data/factory reset
3. Flash ROM - You must use Latest CWM or TWRP Patched by maxwen
4. Flash GApps
5. Wipe cache/dalvik
6. Reboot
7. Wait....
8. Enjoy

Known Issues:
Camera not always best quality
WiFi, Bluetooth and calling don't work for you?? Flash the 4.1 Radio from This Link

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits
Moved Find5Parts to Settings menu

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits
Removed Focal
Google Now and other voice command issues should be resolved

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits
Compiled in Focal camera from source
Added a little transparency to SystemUI

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits
Compiled in Focal camera from source

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits

Latest CM11 bug fixes/commits
Compile Find5Parts from source now instead of including prebuilt binary

Latest bug fixes/commits
Added in Find5Parts to compile now you can wake the screen with either swipe or double tap etc..

Latest bug fixes/commits as of 12/24
Added in FJ Mod
OTA with apps, wallpapers, themes all coming in the near future
OTA also adds update notification
GPS Tweaks in Tools(Only needed if you have issues with GPS locking)
Other one touch installers in FJ-Tools with more to come
Ad-Blocking in Tools
One touch Recovery installers in FJ-Tools - CWM, CWM Touch, TWRP2, TWRP2 patched by maxwen
Developer options visible by default
More to come...

Latest bug fixes/commits as of 12/22
This will be the standard changelog unless there are major features implemented from here out

Latest bug fixes/commits as of 12/19

Latest bug fixes/commits as of 12/16

Latest commits including fixed camera thanks to maxwen and nebkat

Pushed first build
Cyanogenmod team
The whole rest of the world(now I haven't forgotten anyone)