Default [q] CM 10.2 with Google Apps version 20130813 won't download from Play Store

I have a Galaxy S3 I9300 from Telcel, Mexico running CyanogenMod 10.2.0, upgraded from 10.1.3 with the upgrade feature and using TWRP for this purpose. I am unable to download anything from the Play Store, the store loads but the apps won't download. I have flashed the gapps-20130813 package, cleared data and uninstalled updates from Play Store and Google Play Services, and it won't download yet. After googling around, I already cleared data on Google Play, Google Framework and Google Play Services, every single cache with Titanium Backup, cleaned up Dalvik cache, and removed and re-added my Google account. Still no luck.

I also noticed the download notification briefly appearing for a split second when I tap Download on Google Play.

Is there anything I can't do? I don't want to go through the hassle of backing everything up, deleting the entire data partition and restoring everything.